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A bit about me

At the beginning of 2021, I relinquished my industry roles to take up a position on the staff of HBRC, supporting development of catchment groups.  I resigned from HBRC in July of this year to campaign in these elections.


I have an honours degree in horticultural science, along with postgraduate diplomas in environment management and banking.  Before returning to NZ in 2000 to plant a vineyard at Haumoana, I worked for ANZ Bank for 14 years in Auckland, Wellington and China, in a wide variety of roles.

Home is on our vineyard at Bridge Pa, with wife Ali, 2 sons, a dog, 2 cats, 5 doves, 4 hens and some goldfish.

In case you're wondering, my first name is a diminutive of 'Alexander' but I just got "Xan" & no middle name.  Pronounced 'Zan', as in 'Zinzan' but I answer to most things.

Hi, I’m Xan.  I’m passionate about water, our environment and creating a thriving Hawke’s Bay community for current and future generations.

I'm standing in these elections because I have a deep understanding of the urgent environmental and social challenges we now face, a driving desire to help make things better and the skills, experience and relationships to make it happen.


From volunteer firefighter, to Te Mata Peak Peoples’ Track Society chairman, Director of New Zealand Winegrowers and much in between, I have been helping people to live, work and play in Hawke’s Bay for 20 years.

Over the past 10 years, I have been involved in every major regional water issue, including central roles in the TANK Plan Change and the Ngaruroro Water Conservation Order. I have a detailed technical understanding of regional water issues, together with regional and national governance experience in finance, water, sustainability and environment, including longstanding directorships of Hawke’s Bay Winegrowers and New Zealand Winegrowers.

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